PCB Manufacturing

Our customers are satisfied with our fine product quality, on-time delivery, fair pricing and superior service.

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PCB Assembly

To deliver true value and convenience to our PCB fabrication customers, we offer advanced turnkey PCB assembly service.

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Pcb Layout Services

pcb layout services,911EDA is an Industry Leader in PCB Layout and PCB Design, supporting customers for over 15 years.

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Why chose Shanxu Pcb

As a leading manufacturer with over 20 years experience in PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Industry, we are engaged in 1-20 layers PCB manufacturing.

We specialize in manufacturing and selling high-precision, high-density double-sided PCBs and multilayer PCBs.

Manufacturer direct pricing & customer services will bring us win-win cooperative relationship!

with more than 500+ skilled workers, equipment investment is over 50 million RMB, yearly production capacity is more than 0.3 million square meters.


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Dongguan Factory: No.1 Southwest fourth Street, Shijie town, Dongguan.

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