Shenzhen Shanxu Pcb Co, ltd is engaged in 1-20 layers PCB manufacturing.
We are located in bao’an district with more than 200+ skilled workers, equipment investment is over 50 million RMB, yearly production capacity is more than 0.5 million square meters.
Our products includes metal base (Alu base, Cu base), high Tg(Tg170 and tg180), thick copper (max 6oz), thick gold (up to 150U”), mixed-material and so on. Its products are applied in many fields, such as automotive, lighting, electronic, mechanical, medical, telecommunication, automation etc.
At present, our business extends far into Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Australia and other countries. We win good reputation from those areas above by good quality, reasonable price, 7*24 hours service, fast delivery and continuous upgrading technology.